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Koalect - Alterjob
Koalect is a Belgian company that makes fundraising campaigns meaningful and successful. Our mission is to increase impact by working closely on digitalising fundraising strategies along with non-profit organisations.

Koalect offers unique fundraising software to raise funds, engage with stakeholders and build stronger communities, used by NGO’s, asbl’s, healthcare sector, universities, cities, and many others. In addition, we train organizations on how to use that software and communicate around it. Koalect has a team of fundraising consultants to help its clients develop new strategies.

Koalect loves to work with more than 180 organisations in Belgium and abroad, including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, GO! Onderwijs, Iles de Paix, Fondation Saint-Luc, Stad Gent, ULB, Bednet, Natuurpunt, 11.11.11 and CNCD, Luca School of Arts, Autism Europe, Caritas and many others. Therefore, a qualitative B2B customer support has always been a priority.