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POSECO - Alterjob
Founded in 2003, POSECO is one of the pioneers of sustainable development. We design and carry out projects and activities related to Sustainable Development (strategy, communication, awareness, training, education, support for entrepreneurs/companies, project management).

A diversification of funding sources should be considered. The majority of our activities are carried out with the support - or at the request - of public authorities and are free for the beneficiaries. Other avenues should be considered depending on positioning and opportunities. For example: Offer our services, methods and tools to organizations, federations and sustainable companies (or wanting to become sustainable). or Imagine and test other sources or forms of financing (European Funds, Partnership, sponsorship, etc.)...

We have very many references, legitimacy in the sector, a large network, but we have also designed a whole series of training courses, tools and methodology that would be completely “recoverable”. On the other hand, the ecosystem is changing and so are the societal challenges. After 20 years of existence, it's the right time to do a “refresh”.
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