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Bike-Packer - Alterjob
Bike-Packer promotes and introduces people to bike travelling! We accompany cyclists in the organisation of their cycling adventures. From Brussels, we welcome all those who want to learn about cycling and discover Belgium and its surroundings in a different way.

To do this, we offer various services at affordable prices, such as bike and panniers rentals, multi-days routes or training sessions on the maintenance of touring bikes, so that cyclists can enjoy their cycling trips in a complete peace of mind. Our non-profit is part of a slow-travel approach, promoting Belgian heritage and sustainable travel. In addition, our activities are complemented with inclusive projects. 

Here are some of the values that we keep at the centre of our concerns:

• Inclusiveness: We want to make our services as accessible as possible, both in terms of financial and social inclusiveness.
• Sustainable commitment: We are convinced that we can act on our own scale for a more sustainable society.
• Adventure: Bike travelling is a way of showing autonomy and empowerment while keeping that little bit of adventure and unexpectedness.
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