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S&B Platform for Education and Talent
The Platform for Education and Talent (the “Platform”) was set up in 2011 by the descendants of Gustave Boël and Sofina, a Belgian, family-controlled and run, Investment Company listed on Euronext Brussels. The Platform, managed in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation, aims to support education and training of talent in Belgium through individual grants and the provision of support to other organizations sharing similar objectives. Its mission is to offer additional training opportunities to talented young people, on both a financial and human level. The activities fall into three areas tailoring the needs of three different target groups:  University students (Granting scholarships and support to talented young university students who wish to complete their education at an internationally renowned foreign university), craft workers (Granting scholarships and support to talented young craft workers in the heritage trades) and students in secondary education (Support for success in the last three years of secondary school and the first year of higher or university education for talented students from underprivileged social backgrounds in Liège, Antwerp and La Louvière).

More information available on the website: www.sofinaboel.be.
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