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Médecins Sans Frontières
Médecins Sans Frontières is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance in more than 60 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of religion, creed, or political affiliation.
Contexte et fonction
The MSF Academy for Healthcare is an initiative that has been created with the aim to increase the quality of health care provided by our staff to the patients we assist in the missions. The Academy will focus more specifically in the countries with the most acute needs and gaps in their medical HR, and at present all activities are taking place or planned in Africa.

Most of these countries' educational programs ill-prepare the health staff to the specific field conditions we encounter and we are active in. The aim is to develop innovative training solutions that allow for learning on the workplace as part of the curriculum to obtain a diploma, but also to put in place Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs and instil a learning culture within the MSF operations.

The projects put in place by the Academy in the field, or in development phase, can vary a great deal. They include, among others: scholarships to follow existing educational programs in other countries, short-term ad hoc modules for specific needs, full master programs and diplomas. The short-term modules could also be built into a future accreditation if they fit into an overall curriculum. The target population at present is composed of hospital and anaesthetic nurses, doctors, and Medical Coordinators/Project Medical Referents (PMR).

The Academy aims to maintain the same overall educational approach in all its projects: competency-based learning; as much as possible on-the-job training with the presence of strong tutors; and seeking to achieve appropriate accreditation for all trainings, often in collaboration with partner teaching institutes.

The pedagogical referent will bring his or her pedagogical, didactical and methodological expertise to the elaboration, implementation and follow-up of the different projects of the Academy, in the fields of training, CPD and accreditation/recognition of prior experience, as well as regarding the content of what relates to his or her direct field of competencies. The referent will also contribute to identify and facilitate a network in the field of adult education in the West and in Africa.

Positioning within the organisation
The director of the MSF Academy reports to the Medical Director of OCB (MSF's Operational Center in Brussels).

The core MSF Academy team is currently composed of 3 project managers, among which the director himself, the goal being to have a quite horizontal management structure. The secondary circle will bring in the technical support to the projects, whether long term or more punctual (e.g. for explos etc.). The pedagogical referent will be part of this more technical circle. Then, finally, the Academy also includes field positions for the implementation of specific projects in the missions.
Overall, the team of the Academy is small, and wants to maintain an approach that every member can contribute to the general strategy of the projects, while being available for specific tasks outside its expertise or profile to contribute to the projects.

The pedagogical referent will be responsible in particular for the following areas of work:
● While defining the training needs, ensure the development and agreement around the competency frameworks
● Together with subject matter experts, project managers and field interlocutors, participate in translating the identified training needs into instructor-led, self-study, online instructional content and/or tutor-supported on-the-job learning, which effectively engages both the learners and the instructors/tutors
● Identify, supervise and coach course trainers, experts and facilitators, as well as tutors. Ensure pedagogic coherence between objectives and trainers' method
● Facilitate the sharing of good practices and information
● Provide pedagogical methodology support to all Academy projects
● Design and implement evaluation tools to be used for the different training projects
● Design and implement trainings for trainers and tutors
● Permanently keep abreast of developments within the field of adult education, remaining connected to pedagogical innovations and professional networks

Required qualifications and experiences

● A Master's degree in educational sciences
● At least 5 years of professional experience post-diploma, with at least 3 years in positions relevant to the job description
● Experience in designing training curricula and organising trainings for health professionals
● Experience in adult pedagogical practice and use/development of appropriate tools
● Experience in creating and maintaining networks of trainers and tutors
● Excellent command of French and English, both written and spoken

Personal characteristics/interpersonal skills

● High sense of creativity and interest for innovation, while remaining practical and realistic
● Expertise and interest in e-learning, with good computer skills
● Ability to manage responsibilities and achieve high-quality results
● Ability to build strong collaborative relationships in an international environment
● Ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders to ensure that goals and objectives are met
● Excellent organisational ability
● Ability to facilitate team work
● Ready to travel on a regular basis
● Adhere to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Empowerment

What can be a plus

● Experience working in the health sector in Africa
● MSF experience working in the field
Conditions et contrat

● Open-ended contract - full time (part-time negotiable) - based either in Brussels or in an African capital city
● Hospital Insurance (DKV) - Complementary Retirement plan - Canteen at democratic price - reimbursement (100%) for public transportation costs
● Entry date : between 1st of March and 30th of April 2019
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Médecins Sans Frontières
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Open-ended contract - full time (part-time negotiable)
Master's degree in educational sciences
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