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Internal Controller (h/f/x)
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ORPEA is één van de grootste aanbieders in de sector van de woonzorgcentra en assistentiewoningen in België met een internationaal karakter.
Met een netwerk van meer dan 61 vestigingen en 7387 bedden zijn wij een gevestigde waarde en dit alles met een hart voor ouderenzorg. Naast onze Belgische vestigingen tellen wij ook meerder vestigingen gespreid over heel Europa. Frankrijk, Spanje, Italie, ? zijn slechts enkele van de landen waar u onze enthousiaste medewerkers kan treffen.
Onze steeds groeiende onderneming is steevast op zoek naar medewerkers om samen te sleutelen aan het Orpea-verhaal en onze visie verder uit te bouwen.

Durf jij het aan om deel uit te maken van een dynamisch team? Heb jij zin om te vertoeven in een gezellige en huiselijke werkomgeving ?
Maar nog belangrijker : Ben jij klaar om het lichtpunt te zijn en de beste vriend te worden van onze helden op pensioen?

Dan ben jij de persoon die we zoeken !
Contexte et fonction
To strengthen our head office in Uccle, we are motivated to find an Internal Controller


The main mission of this challenging position is to translate law and regulations to well-thought procedures in a way the Group can maintain a stable and compliant business management. This position can be divided into two areas:


Being in charge of checking the effective compliance with local law and regulations and the effective implementation of corporate guidelines in terms of compliance (corruption, ethics, antitrust...). Being an expert in compliance is vital so that internal audits and governance can be even more improved.

Internal Control

Being responsible to support the effective implementation and improvement of the Group Internal Control Guidelines considering local situation, staff, objectives, ... Monitoring the efficiency of (financial) activities and advising (financial) management. Key to all this is the collaboration with all the members of the local team (IT, Finance, HR, Legal, ...).

Tasks and responsibilities

•As an Internal Controller, you ensure a correct implementation and monitoring of the planning and control cycle guidelines. You run self-assessment campaigns and analyze results. Hereby, you report directly to the Audit, Risks and Internal Control Director
•You advise higher management and you are proactive in making improvements regarding operational business procedures
•Checking the correct use and accuracy of rules and regulations and making sure the governance is in terms with GDPR, is a huge part of your mission
•Interesting is the deployment and support of operations of the Group Interne Control Framework. You anticipate the ever-changing market and the risks regarding integrity, ethics and corruption. You adapt Group standards in relationship with the corporate team (flowcharts, process design...) and ensure Key Controls implementation
•In addition, you support the effective implementation of Internal Audit recommendations and coordinate closing with the Corporate Audit Team
•You are capable of aligning costs and budget, making sure local risks are diminished. Creating analysis and reports are essential
•You lead divers financial/administrative projects en highlight the business and economic side of the story
•Making sure that local procedures include the compliance aspects, adapt all local corporate documents and perform a compliance Risk Mapping are included in your tasks
•You interact with Corporate Services in order to contribute to an efficient organization
•You are the proud owner of a Master's degree in Finance, Economics or Management
•You required relevant experience (Compliance, Internal Control, Audit) of at least 5 years
•Fluent in English, Flemish and French
•Your expertise involves technical aspects and management skills
•You have a strong knowledge on all company processes
•You were born to communicate in an open and professional way and you are socially committed. Good writing skills are vital
•Perfect use of IT tools such as Office and Visio
•You are innovative, result-driven and proactive
Conditions et contrat
Attracted by all this?

What really matters

•Days filled with historical stories when in contact with every stakeholder
•A job with enormous variety in a stimulating environment
•Appreciation to the fullest
•Career opportunities within an evolving healthcare group
•Loads of opportunities to be educated on a professional and personal level
•Employment in a warm and secure environment

In addition to

•The stability of a fixed contract
•An employment full-time, a negotiable work regime with an excellent work/life balance as a result
•A remuneration market-oriented with lots of other advantages
•You become member of the Benefits@Work portal with lots of interesting discounts
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COD 100%
Master's degree in Finance, Economics or Management
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