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Development Advice Referent (h/f/x)

A propos de l'employeur

MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES is a non-governmental humanitarian aid organisation. We presently work in more than 60 countries, where our volunteers provide assistance to populations in distress and victims of conflict, irrespective of religion, philosophy or political convictions.

Contexte et fonction


In order to build an HR pyramid that provides MSF with the right people with the right competences in the right position at the right time, Development Advice for international staff is one of the pillars of the HR development strategy and a complementary activity next to e.g. learning & development, pool management and recruitment. It supports:

• Employees to plan their development and growth in order to maximise retention.
• The organisation to pro-actively manage the development of staff in general and the leadership pipeline in particular.

Main areas of responsibility of the Development Advice Referent (DARef) are to:

1. Act as a referent for development advice for international staff within OCB and its partner sections.
2. Build, adapt, implement a strategy that helps OCB to build a healthy leadership pipeline that serves today's and tomorrow's needs.


Develop, communicate and manage the key tools in development advice in close co-operation with key stakeholders as the development advisors, Learning & Development (Development Referent in particular), pool management and HR Ops

• Tool for segmentation that allows the organisation to differentiate development opportunities based on shared criteria and that gives insight in the leadership and expert pipeline
• Development policy and toolbox that specifies
   o the minimum that employees can expect as career and development support (in line with the segmentation)
   o the tools MSF can offer to stimulate growth
• Development plan that is a shared template that allows employees to reflect on their career (e.g. ambitions, strengths, challenges, priorities, concrete next steps) and that allows the organisation and DA's specifically to keep track of and adapt to individual characteristics.
• Development conversation that is a structured 1-to-1 conversation between employee and DA that allows to set realistic expectations, probing, coaching and focuses on concrete development actions that create a win-win for employee and organisation.
• Identification of critical positions based on shared criteria and the process of identifying potential successors to these positions.

Functionally manage the DA's, i.e.

• Manage operational effectiveness by determining and monitoring operational metrics. The DA referent is in constant interaction with other stakeholders (mainly pool management) to make sure that the operational aspects of development advice run as smoothly as possible.
• Facilitate the development of DA's, e.g.
   o organise required learning initiatives
   o coach (self or delegated) on how to create a partnership with employees and hold meaningful conversations
• Define, follow-up and act upon key metrics of DA (incl. targets)
• Give input for objective setting and evaluation by the line manager of the DA
• Consulted in the recruitment process of new development advisors in the partner sections
• When appropriate, facilitates mobility of DA's between all PS

Act as an ambassador of Development Advice in the organisation, i.e. towards other stakeholders within MSF (leadership, line managers, employees) and within HR (HR Ops, pool management, recruitment, FAU, SHU, etc.). Examples:

• Ensure that communication on DA specifies what DA is and what it is not (e.g. intranet, onboarding, etc)
• Influence stakeholders to support what DA intends to achieve, e.g. by specify what DA means for them or expects from them.
• Align development advice to the overall HR Development Strategy (together with e.g. the HR Dev Referent of HQ Development manager) and vice versa.

Initiate or contribute to the development strategy that helps OCB to build a healthy leadership and expert pipeline that serves today's and tomorrow's needs, i.e. make sure that the organisation has sufficient coordinators, managers and leaders in the short and long run.

• Analysis: based on the segmentation of the staff, the DARef analyses the leadership potential of the active pools (offer). By matching the offer with the needs (demand, specified by HR Ops) DAref and HR Ops will identify the challenges ahead. This also includes the identification of critical positions based on transparent criteria and the identification of potential successors to these positions.
• Strategy: in order to the DARef develops a strategy that specifies which actions are taken in terms of development, recruitment, etc. This strategy will be determined in agreement with the HR Director, learning & development, pool management and HR Ops.
• Strategy implementation: the DAREF monitors the implementation of this strategy while the accountability of the identified actions may lay with other stakeholders.


• Preference for university degree in social and human sciences or in management
• Minimum of 3 years professional experience in HR management in an international and complex context
• Experience in MSF Field is a must (1 year on the field preferably)
• Coaching attitude and skills. If not present yet, willing to invest in acquiring them
• Team management experience is required. Experience with managing remote teams is an asset
• Strong strategic vision
• Strong communication skills, together with real capacities for analysis and synthesis
• Team player and cross functional attitude
• Very good aptitude for listening and dialogue
• Fluent both in French and in English
• Available for regular travels (mainly in Europe)

Conditions et contrat

• Open ended HQ contract - full time - Based in Brussels (Ixelles)
• Hospital Insurance (DKV) - Pension plan - Canteen - 100% reimbursement for public transportation costs
• Starting date : as soon as possible according to availability
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