Caravan -
The international non-profit association CARAVAN was officially founded in October 2008 with 6 European youth and social circus organisations. In 2019, Caravan gathers 35 members from 25 countries. Out of the 35 organisations, 26 are European with other members hailing from all over the world. Together, they share the common objective to promote circus practices in youth education and to encourage the development of the youth and social circus sector through concrete actions such as youth exchanges, training for trainers' programmes and research projects.
All through the years, Caravan has gained knowledge in the field of Youth and Social Circus, not only thanks to its concrete activities but also thanks to the research carried out in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. Caravan research projects aim to professionalise the sector by creating the first third level education for youth and social circus teachers.

Caravan members work in their local and national contexts and work together on the international level. They use circus arts to invent new possibilities for the social and professional inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. The network supports its members in advocating for the positive benefits of youth and social circus. International advocacy helps the members to gain recognition and support within their own local context and with local authorities.

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